UiPath Assistant - Status: Connected, Licensed, EDR protection not detected

I want to look at the process in orchestrator. So in the UiPath assistant, I try to click the green radio button. However, the single click is not available. What should I do?
the detail information is as follows:

I cannot click the green radio button. When I move the mouse to the green radio button, the information shown like screenshot.

Hi @MiaZhou

In that case, click on the profile button > Preferences > Orchestrator Settings > Click on the Service URL button.

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Hi @MiaZhou
If you want to see your processes in orchestrator login to this below link

EDR Protection Status

The status of the integration between UiPath Robots and the CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection platform is now visible in Orchestrator, in a new column, named EDR Protection.

This column is available in the Machines and the Installed Versions & Logs pages at the tenant level, and it displays the integration status for each machine that a robot is connected to. The available statuses are:

  • Enabled - CrowdStrike protection is enabled.
  • N/A - CrowdStrike protection is not enabled or the status is not known.
  • Mixed (only in the Machines page, and only for machine templates) - CrowdStrike protection is only enabled on some host machines, and disabled on others, or the status is not available.

You can find out more about this https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/automation-cloud/latest/user-guide/edr-protection-status

Control the EDR protection status display

Starting with the 2023.4 release, the Crowdstrike EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) protection status of your robot is no longer displayed by default. You can control the visibility of this message from the Automation Ops policies.