UiPath Assistant shows error "Cannot Read property --- of null"

When starting the UiPath Assistant, the following error is shown. Cannot Read property --- of null

Root-cause : A corrupted process-info.json or agent-settings.json file could cause this issue.

A product fix is planned for 20.10, to recover the file when corrupted.

Workaround available :

Approach 1:

  • Close/Quit the assistant
  • Go to %appdata%\uipath and take the backup of the agent-settings.json file
  • After taking the backup, delete the same.
  • Start the assistant again

Note : This will delete all our assistant options like hotkeys, position, etc (not the connection to Orchestrator), so we shoud not skip step 3, if that information is needed.

Approach 2:

Perform the same steps as above with process-info.json file at location : %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\UiPath