UiPath Assistant says license expired

Enterprise License has expired. Can this be extended or moved to community.
Need to test document understanding

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Hi @devashish1989

Could you provide the Support Id from the Admin page of your Cloud account?

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In addition to what Macek said, could you please provide a screenshot of the Orchestrator - Tenant - License page?
Also, how did you connect to Orchestrator? By signing in or by setting the machine key in Assistant?

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Yes by signing in. It seems my enterprise license has expired but it has not auto moved to community license

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Please navigate to the Admin Panel and then Organization Settings

There will be a Support Id that we would need to investigate it closer :slight_smile:

Support Id: 6696-1262-1297-2158

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@loginerror @ovi @Pablito : Is there any wat to get it fixed with UiPath?

@devashish1989 We are investigating why your account hasn’t been downgraded to community. I’ll keep you posted with our findings and rezolution.

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@devashish1989 is was a bug on our side, please check your account, you should have Community now. Also, please be aware that all your tenants will be disabled (if you have more than one) and licenses will be de-allocated (if you have more allocated on tenants than the Community plan allows). If that’s the case, please enable 1 tenant and re-allocate your licenses.

@ovi: seeing error in enabling default tenant

@devashish1989 our dev team fixed this for your account. Please try enabling it again and let me know if all is well.


Thank you so much @ovi for your help


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