UiPath Assistant says "Awaiting Install"

I created a bunch of workflows then Published them to Orchestrator. On a different server, I connected the Bot (and the server) to Orchestrator.

However when I run UiPath Assistant on the Bot Server, it has all of the published workflows in “Awaiting Install” status. And if I try to install it using the option on the right, it just times out after a LONG wait period (like 20-30 mins).

Below is an example:

often we see this behaviour when the machine is not proper accessing the nuget feeds for e.g. downloading dependend packages.

  • ensure packages from feeds can be downloaded
  • check on Windows Event manager for more details / infos


Check below post for your reference

Hope this may help you


Thanks for the response. I already had read that thread but it doesn’t offer an actual solution.

Hi ppr - can you explain how to ensure packages from feeds can be downloaded? I’m not sure what this means.

Also what exactly would I be looking for in the Event manager? There’s tons of things in there.

Did you find thud issue with only one process or all processes?

Check the .nuget package and delete the existing package of that folder in it, then try again downloading the package

If there’s some network restrictions or network issue, you may try to update your system and turn restart.

Hope this helps!

Also can you confirm the version you are using and also whether it is enterprise or community?

Hi @rahulsharma - I’m not sure how to check/delete a .nuget package? This is occurring with all packages across ALL machines that have Bots on them. We did try a server restart and it didn’t help. And it is the Enterprise version.

try on one machine first.

Navigate to C/users/USERNAME/.nuget/packages

Here delete that package that is giving you the problem.

Then refresh UiPath Assistant and try again.

So it ended up being an issue with proxy/firewall settings. This is resolved now, thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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