UiPath Assistant List is missing and unattended process got an error "Cannot find a process identified by process key ....."

Hi all, i have an orchestrator installed in Azure PaaS and the robots are on the VM, PC, or Laptop.
And we face an issue, which the process list in the Assistant is missing and it isn’t missing directly after we connected it to the robot, but it needs about 1 or 2 hours to be missing, then sometimes some of unattended process can’t run due the error “Cannot find a process identified by process key”.
And we connect all machines using machines key, not using sign-in method.

So far to fix this for a while, we did a few things like reconnecting the assistant, or close the assistant from the task bar and reopen it again, or right click on assistant icon and click refresh policy.

Anyone face the same issue? please help to solve this. Thank you.


Ideally for unattended why are you trying to use assistant to run bot? You should be scheduling from orchestrator…


Hi Anil,
Yes correct, but it doesn’t happen only to the unattended, but to all thing that use assistant like attended robot, RPA developer, Automation developer, etc. And for the unattended, the case is when the issue was happening and the process will be run by the trigger, it can’t run, and will get the error message. THank you.

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Hello,have you solve the problem yet?