UiPath Assistant failing to launch - Grey Screen

We have an end user that recently had UiPath Studio and Assistant installed, version 2021.10.8. Following the install studio appears to be working correctly, however assistant is in an unusable state. When launching the application takes up the entire screen and shows as a solid grey window, we’ve attempted a full uninstall and reinstall, but that has the same results. Hovering over the application in task bar shows the same screen, however there appears to be some text in the top right of the preview (See image below).

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


Hi @omallem2

I think the screen got zoomed in while opening the UiPath assistant.Try to resize the window after opening it by by dragging the sides.It is happening for me as well.

Try to change the Zoom level in Preferences → Zoom

Also, you may try to set your Display Settings Scale and layout to 100%.


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