Uipath assistant error

Hello, I have a process that I am running all the time in the uipath assistant, after a while I receive this type of alerts and I don’t know what it is … could someone help me?


Does this happen more often? Otherwise, I believe it could have been some Orchestrator cloud service issue that were there yesterday for a moment:

Hello, thanks for answering. it happens at least once every time I run it from the assistant, from studio this doesn’t happen. Of course, I have been testing it for 3 days.

Could you share some details about this process?

I am using the connection with gsuit to read a spreadsheet and know when there is a new record, after knowing that there is a new record the robot enters a web page and makes a query, after making the query it appends a new row in another Sheet with the result of the consultation and if it is not yet 7 at night the process is repeated.

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Let me know if this information is clear. please

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Thanks for more information, I’ll check with our team and see what we can find. In the meantime, could you try to see if this happens after any specific point by dropping some logs in between of your actions?

Finding a pattern for these crashes would be the first step, i.e. “it crashes before or during particular operation”.

thanks i will check to find fault.

hello @loginerror, have you been able to resolve something about this error ?. it keeps happening daily.

Could you let us know the versions of Studio and activity packages used by the project?

Does the same happen when you publish your process locally (with Assistant logged out)?

thanks, the error does not appear when it is run from the studio.

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Thank you for more information. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Let me suggest something here, as I can see you are using the Community Edition on the 20.6 version. Typically, it is nice to have your Studio auto-update to the latest Community version by staying on the Preview channel:

Do you happen to have Update channel selected as Stable instead of Preview?

Some issues were fixed for this exception text in the meantime (the “Only activities which have been requested to cancel can call MarkCanceled.”), and although they seem to concern slightly different scenarios, it could be that an upgrade to the latest Studio/Robot version solves the issue.

In fact, you could try updating all of your activity packages to the latest preview versions first.

Thanks for the prompt reply, I have checked my preview option in the channel update. The dependencies are also up to date. now should i republish my project again?

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Checking the box should enable your Studio to download the files. To complete the update:

  1. Please check that you have the new 20.10 download into this location:
    (you should have a folder called app-20.10.0-beta0511) in there.
  2. Restart Studio.

If it didn’t download, start your Studio again and wait around 10 minutes for the files to be downloaded and then restart Studio.

I don’t think you will have to republish your project to fully test if this fixed the issue, but it won’t hurt to do so.

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ready, there is the folder.

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again thanks for the help

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Great. Let us know if the issue was fixed after running your process as you would normally do.

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