Uipath assistant can´t consume license

Hi everyone.

I´m in a migration version to 19.10 to cloud 22.10. The issue is when i try to connect assistant, in orquestator recognize the robot but inside the machine, UiPath assistant is unlicense.

I did everything that says in tutorials but i can´t get sucessful.

Any help you can give me?

Try also to use the Sign in button.


Hi Marian.

I did that but still not working. :confused:

Can you hover your mouse here and provide the screenshot?





Go to admin > Licenses > Licenses Allocations To Groups > Add your user to Automation Developers Group

Go back to Tenant > Folders > Add your use to desire Folder

Disconnect your robot from the machine (UiPath Assistant) SRVUPDEPLOY01 and then return back and check if the license is consumed on machine SRVUPROBOT01.

@NatanaelGarduno , check out the license page and see what is the license/runtimes are allocated (Managing your licenses). You can ensure the license/runtime is allocated and then run the job to this machine see the job is executed. The connection status of robot documentation here - Robot statuses