Uipath Assignment 2 Level 3 - 0 correct


I am currently finishing up the assignment 2. I encounter a problem where I have no correct items, but all other items have been completed.

What possible errors may have occur in the process?
Thanks for your help!


Sorry I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

When you submit the assignment ensure all files related to the framework are included.

Hi Lakshman,

I can get my all my completed items, but I got 0 correct Items.
The picture shows only 6 completed items because I kill it half way through the process.
What possible errors that may occur, so I failed to get the correct output??
Thank You :slight_smile:


Could you please record the video at the time of BOT processing and provide me the link. Will check video and let you know where it got failed.

Hi Lakshman,

This is the requested video with 2 completed items with 0 correct.

Youtube Link: Generate Yearly Report - YouTube

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Hi @siaochuenchong

After finishing the assignments , do these following final checks before submission.

For Completed items, make sure your bot marks ‘new status’ of every item as ‘completed’.

For Correct items, make sure your bot enters the relevant information in the ‘comment section’ in a format as mentioned in Process Design Document.

Make changes in your assignment workflow accordingly if bot is not performing as desired.

Do no ‘Reset Test Data’ until your assignment is evaluated.



I watched above video and found few mistakes.

  1. If it founds vendor Attachment then it’s downloading successfully and then you are refreshing the page and no need to do this.

  2. After uploading Final consolidated report it is generating one ID right in popup box. Are you reading this ID or not ?

If not then you have read this ID and have to enter in update work item page in last step. It’s very important. In your case it’s just entered like Upload with ID. It should be like this.

      Upload with ID that "final ID from previous screen"

Please check walk through document once and follow the steps.

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I was able to finish my assignment!
My out_UploadID’s argument was set to “in”, so the ID is not written in the Comments section.
Thanks @lakshman for pointing out my errors. Much Appreciated. :slight_smile:

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