UiPath Arguments Passing

UiPath Arguments are more like a Global Variable to pass the data from one workflow to another workflow with in the same project. As you know variable store or holds data and pass it to another activity with in the same workflow. Similar way UiPath Arguments can hold the data and pass it on to another workflow.

Uipath Arguments are most used in UiPath ReFramework chapter. So, it is required you to understand and learn UiPath Arguments.

UiPath Stuido support large number of argument types, which is more like the types of variable we can use. Therefore, you can use various types of UiPath Arguments such as String, Boolean, Object and also browse for .Net types.

Additionally, UiPath Arguments have specific directions they are in Arguments, out Arguments, In Out Arguments and Property Arguments.

Let us watch the complete video on UiPath Arguments and understand the concept and accurate steps.

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