UiPath Apps Unable to Find Queue after switching Queue Folder

I’m building a UiPath App and was able to set up my app to add the data submitted to an Orchestrator queue. I decided that it might be better to have my Queue in a different folder, I created a new folder and linked the queue in my old folder to the new folder and then removed the queue from the old folder where it was originally created.

I went back to UiPath Apps and added the queue again from it’s new folder and binded all the values like earlier but UiPath Apps could add the data submitted to the queue saying It could not find the queue even though i could see it. I only got this to work by creating the queue all over again from scratch in the new folder with a different name. It would have been nice to just be able to relink the queue under the new folder and it works the same.


Are you still not finding the Queue? Did you try to remove queue from App and select again from correct folder to start queue ?



Was your expectation that the queue linking feature would duplicate the queue in the new folder, so that you can delete the queue in the source folder?

I believe this is only meant to give you access to the underlying queue from a different folder, rather than duplicate it. Kind of like a shortcut does in Windows, I suppose.

Let me know if I misunderstood something :slight_smile:

Yes kinda, because the linking feature also allows you remove the queue from the initial folder. So i thought it was more of a lift an shift rather than a reference to a queue that has already been removed from the initial folder and is only visible in the new folder.

I did remove the old queue from the app and selected the new folder and the app couldn’t populate the queue. I had to delete the queue and create a new one in my new folder.

Thanks for further input. I’ll record your feedback for our Apps team to have a look to double check the behaviour.

Thanks Maciej!