UiPath APPS - Run App


When pressing “Run App” in received mail:


sometimes it runs App, another time it connects me to UiPath Cloud.
Why that? What is behind it?

Can someone explain me the difference?

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The way this should work: If you aren’t logged in to automation cloud, the first screen you will see is the login page. Once you log in, you should be redirected to the runtime of your app.

If you’re being consistently redirected to the incorrect location, would you mind forwarding me one of the emails so the engineering team can look into it? (I have DM’d you my email address)

Hi @evan.cohen

thx for your help.

This case is linked to my another problem:

I have just tested (on my private eMail and private computer without UiPath Studio):

  • I invited user to Automation Cloud, added him to group that has permission to run App
  • the user got Invitation mail
  • after invitation the user did NOT get Run App mail

With link in Invitation mail the user get access to Automation Cloud:


User has access to App, but he needs additional instructions how to access and run it.

So, again, how can I send “Run App” mail to user, who was just added to already existing group that has permission to run App in order to access App immediately?

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