Uipath Apps_RoundOff Function Required


I am calculating the percentage in my App but getting the amount in Decimals. However, I require the same in the round-off.

Currently getting in this form - 6.575678976
Required Type - 6.57


Hi @Shivam_Chaturvedi ,

I believe you are using a Process to calculate the Percentage, If that’s the case, then the below Statement should give you the Required Output as you need :


where resultantValue is the result from Percentage calculation.

If this is not the expected answer, let us know How you are calculating the Percentage in Apps

Hi, I am using the formula in the app.


As shown in the attached image.

You can create a UI Path Process for math formula and pass the input parameter as value and round the value into process and return as output into Apps.

This way you can achieve easily. Right now there is no function available for round off direct.

Please mark solution completed if you are happy.

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