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I’m trying to display a data table in UiPath Apps
However, I couldn’t get the column name when I added it after running the process in the orchestrator
I have a request
Could you show me the process you made?

Am getting this error instaed of connecting the orchestartor with cloud.

I dont know y am getting this error ,beacuse i have published the my bot in orchetrator and also from uipath apps i can bind it means i can see process over there.

Hi @Karthik_Kulkarni, did you tried it again?

I didnt get the question again??? in the ???

Did you try to run it again ?

yeah tried but no luck,the thing is I cant see the process in robot tray(uipath assistant) but it is connected licensed it is showing.

Hi guys, is it possible to embed HTML into the outputted datatable row values ?


Yeah i had solve connectivity issue,but only one doubt .
actualli i had created an application which helps to get the information and save it in a excel,but i dont have idea about how this application can users use. i mean do i need to share an url or something do ineed to do so that it should be accessible by group of users

integration between Apps and Data Service Through Process @rdgagp


@asanumaj run the process once from Orchestartor or local robot and try configuring the column properties. Apps fetch the object definition from the Job history of Orchestrator.

Hello guys, Can I implement a BPMN process with UiPath Apps (for example, Bizagi)? where the user can evaluate and validate steps in the process?

I would like to know that… I have a process to do it…

Hi ,

How can third person uses this application,As i have developed the application,as end user how he able to access the application in his system.

Do i need to share or anyother??? can someone help me on this.


can someone tell me how to attach documents through UIPath apps ,

You can share the app you’ve built within anyone who is a part of your Automation Cloud account from your App’s settings page. You can find more details about Sharing and Permission Management in the docs.

Hey @Karthik_Kulkarni
Here’s a complete step by step video for your query: https://youtu.be/hIMum9nFdUk


Dear UiPath Team,
Do we need any seperate license model to use Apps in Enterprise level?

Is anybody else having trouble accessing the Apps menu? On my old Cloud account, I get an infinite loading screen, whereas I can load it just fine if I use a new account.

Tried to follow the instruction video carefully and my robot works fine from the assistant. When I try to run it from Apps I keep getting this error:

A quick question @evan.cohen and @Venkata_Rajendran

Is it possible to upload files having a browse button like we do it in any normal web form using UiPath Apps?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: