UiPath Apps platform cannot be used as there is a conflict in the site URL

I’m having the same issue as described here: Can’t launch UiPath Apps plataform due to an URL conflict

but the last answer was by @evan.cohen in 2020 saying a fix was coming ASAP and the post is locked. Is there any update on this?

uipath apps error


Try changing the organization name and check if the issue persists

You can do this by going to admin …settings


Anil - will this not mean that all the connections to orch will break, like your robots etc?


Robots i dont think so…as you are not recreating the org but changing the name so the machine key and all should be intact

But any api’s that are being referenced might be effected



I will try and report back :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Thank you, this did work. I don’t know why the old org URL was bad but changing it did fix the issue. However, it does disconnect all robots and required me to set the new orchestrator URL and set the machine key again on each bot/user’s PC.

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