Uipath Apps Phone number validation

In Uipath Apps, I need to validate the Text(Number) field with Indian Phone number.
Total 10 digit
e.g. 98########.

(Note : # is for digit ):sweat_smile:


Hi @Gagan_Chaudhari

You can check this



Can you do something like : yourVar.Trim.isNumeric And yourVar.Trim.Length.Equals(10)
If these 2 conditions are True then it’s a correct format

Hello @Gagan_Chaudhari ,

You can create a simple process and pass the input number to process and validate it from backend.

We don’t have a direct function or expression to validate phone number yet into apps directly.


Hello, @Gagan_Chaudhari - Recently(22.10 release) UiPath has added a new control Textbox (Number) and also makes it possible to configure the minimum and maximum value of allowed numbers. Refer below doc

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