UiPath Apps:Passing field values from one Page to another Page

Hello Community!

I need a confirmation on this behavior with UiPath Apps.

I have found a solution to this issue, but I want to know that the approach is correct.

I have a form on Page 1. It has 3 fields and the values of these 3 fields have to be passed to 3 similar fields on Page 2. This is done by writing a Click Event handler on a Checkbox on page 2


I have confirmed that my If - Else condition is working correctly in identifying the checked state of the Checkbox like so :

But the problem is if I use the Set Value action to set the value of the variable on Page 2 with the value of a variable from page 1, it does not work! :confused:



  1. I have created App Variables
  2. On page 1, a Click event will cause the field values are stored into the App Variables
  3. On page 2, a click event will retrieve the values from the App Variables
  4. Based on this simple test, I can see that this is happening - the values visible in the message box on page 2 are field values from page 1


But is this the right way to do it? :thinking: