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What kind of license do we need to start developing using Apps and what kind of license is needed for the users to use the app?

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  1. Developing using UiPath Apps:To start developing using UiPath Apps, you typically need a UiPath Studio license with the appropriate features enabled. UiPath Studio is the main development environment for building automation processes, including UiPath Apps. UiPath offers different editions of Studio, such as Community Edition, Studio Pro, and StudioX. Depending on the complexity of the apps you want to create, you may require specific Studio editions.Additionally, if you are using advanced capabilities for app development, such as connecting to specific APIs or integrating with other systems, you might need additional licenses or access to specific UiPath connectors and activities.
  2. License for Users to Use the App:The licensing for users to use the apps you’ve developed with UiPath Apps depends on the deployment model you choose:
  • UiPath Apps Subscription: UiPath offers a cloud-based subscription model for UiPath Apps. In this case, users who want to use the apps would need appropriate access to the UiPath Apps platform. UiPath typically provides user-based licenses for this purpose, allowing users to access and interact with the apps as required.
  • UiPath Orchestrator License: If you choose to deploy the apps through UiPath Orchestrator, the licensing would be based on UiPath Orchestrator’s licensing model. Users who want to use the apps would need the necessary permissions and licenses assigned to their accounts in UiPath Orchestrator.


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You can checkout this page for more details : https://licensing.uipath.com/

To have access to UiPath apps you need own specific SKU licenses, below are some examples:

Check on this

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  1. Development License (UiPath Studio):
    => To start developing UiPath Apps, you’ll need a license that includes UiPath Studio. UiPath Studio is the powerful development environment used to create automation processes and applications.
    => UiPath Studio licenses are available as part of the UiPath Automation Cloud or the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform.
  2. UiPath Apps License (for end-users):
    => For users to utilize the UiPath Apps you develop, they require access to the UiPath Apps platform.
    => UiPath Apps is an integral part of the UiPath Automation Cloud, enabling you to build and distribute custom web and mobile applications to streamline business processes.
    => End-users who interact with the UiPath Apps, whether through web browsers or mobile devices, will need access to the platform.

The specific licensing details and pricing can be obtained from UiPath’s official website or by reaching out to their sales team. Various licensing models are available, including subscription-based licensing and pay-as-you-go options. Additionally, UiPath offers community editions and trial versions to allow you to explore UiPath’s capabilities before committing to a purchase.

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