Uipath Apps : Integration Uipath Apps within other websites also from other machine

I have created an HTML page(using the below code).

I wanted run developed apps without using automation cloud credentials.
@Palaniyappan @Pablito @loginerror

Hi @prashant07,
I don’t think it will be possible. For security reason all of accounts are using such credentials.

thanks, @Pablito.

I understand that but there no other way to do it.
we really don’t want clients to log in to the automation cloud and then run apps.

Also, I have created one more user to Uipath Forum on my personal email Id, the problem by mistakenly I have given my office name as a profile which I tried to change but it won’t possible from my end. please guide on this as well

I asked a proper team for any suggestion for your case.

Regarding forum name please send me a private message on Forum with description what and where should be changed. I should be able to help you :wink:

I have a response from the Team. So currently only users with automation cloud credentials can access app. We are considering such capability in the future.

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