UiPath Apps - filter table

Hi all,

i share you a question about UiPath Apps. I have linked a table in DataService with Apps and I need to add a control to the action to add a new item in the table. In details, I need to control if there is a duplicate under the column “Codice Fiscale”. Here the screenshot:

So, how can i configure the condition of this If? Or, there is another method to achieve this aim?

Thanks all

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Hey @andreus91

You want to check in the IF like if the mentioned value is already present in the column right ?


yes, right

Hey Leonardo,

If I am interpreting correctly you want to check if a value is already in data service, if not then add it to data service, but if it exists then throw an error message.

If so in your If statement you can do =lookup({entity},[{Codice Fiscale},"=",{input value}]).id on the left hand side

{entity} being the Data service entity you are using
{Codice Fiscale} is the column in the data service entity
{input value} is the value that you are inputting to add to data service

In the Then statement you can add the new item
In the Else statement throw an error message