Uipath Apps - Export Data Service Data

I am build an App in UiPath Apps Studio, I need to Export the Data Service Data (in excel) through the App Can it be possible ? If Yes then Can you please guide me for this.



Please check this


Thanks for the reply @Anil_G
Is there any way to implement this within Apps. I cannot use the Process for this, due to some limitations.


Directly from apps i dont think you can export the data…


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Just for my learning in UiPath Apps, Can we write any sample code (any language) and invoke that code file.

  • vb.net file
  • C# code file
  • python code



From studio you can use invoke code /Invoke python and from apps on click of a button or some activity this can be triggered


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Thank you @Anil_G for the quick response.
So as per my understanding, we don’t have any functionality yet, from which we can Invoke the Code file within the Apps Studio.

Is that correct ?


Yes that’s correct.From app we can invoke or run processes and in them we can invoke code but not directly in the app


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You can try to connect Google Sheet with the App using Integration Service and then from App directly pass the data to Google Sheet.

Not sure if you’re looking for some solution like this. But this could be done without running a process.

Let me know if you still have any questions.

@Gagan_Chaudhari ,

@Parth_Doshi Integration service Public preview is disabled from Apps now so any integration with integration service will get disconnected automatically now.

My recommendation would be please create a Process to do such operation and then call process into Apps.

I know this has a bit latency but unfortunately there is no other way right now.



Thanks for sharing that info! @Arvind_Kumar1

Thanks for the heads up.

@Arvind_Kumar1 , Yes , I have developed a process, calling it through App and storing the Data into Excel.

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