UiPath Apps-Dynamic Image Binding

UseCase- I want Apps to load the image so the user can see the result. The user will input Home Loan details such as Loan Amount, Tenure & Interst Rate then the robot will go get the image from a website and pass it back to apps so the user can see it through the Apps URL.


  1. First we will use Load Image activity to reference the image location.


If you are loading image from the website , then we will use the Take screenshot activity & save the image in the network drive and then we will use Load Image Activity.


  1. We will now convert the image to Base64.

  2. Prefix the Base64 string with the following: data:image/png;base64,


5.Once you are done with it, then we will go to App Studio to bind this out argument in URL/Value binding section.Add the out argument in the Url field of your image control.

  1. To set any image as by default in the App to view for the user, we will use the option Image Binding as you can see in the below image.

This is the default image and it changes according to the User Input values during run time.


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