UiPath Apps dont find my process variables

Hi! I want to ask about UiPath Apps. I managed to integrate the process into UiPath Apps, but for some reason my project variablet does not appear in the list. Can you advise where the fault is?


Thanks for advance

Here is picture that my process is connected to App Studio.

Well, most of the time it should auto reflect in the apps.

Please note it should be in arguments not variables.
And check you have updated process version you are connected with.

Good luck

Thanks for reply. Maybe this is a stupid question but if I have a string called Paivays in my process (UiPathApps) is there something that I do wrong because it wont find in the UiPath? ![kuva|690x320](upload://mePFmWNvQHfoEYiKAMM2bhSyZFD.png

In the UiPath sample Bank Teller can find the process and it will show variables.

My goal is to get data from the App inputs and get the data to my Studio messagebox “Laskujen paivays”.

Here is the image from Studio project UiPathApps

I founded that they should be arguments not variables just like you said @daljit_parmar, thanks!

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