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in our app, we calculate different prices using expressions. Since the values are doubles they are displayed with several decimal places. We would like to display only 2 decimal places. Any ideas on how to do it?

→ 15.75


Hi @PeCour ,
You can try using below logic

newValue = math.Round(oldValue,2) //// (2 - represents the number of decimals)


Hi @Sam_Abraham,
Thank you for your answer. I am speaking of UiPath Apps, not Studio. I think that formula doesn’t work there.


Apps do not have any formula for round into Apps studio so to do this you can write a UI path process and create input and output field and on change of decimal value call the process and let UI path studio handle the conversion and return the formatted value into Apps as below.

  1. Text box for input of Decimal value
  2. Call Process on text box

Process return the formatted value. Here is Process.


Hi @Arvind_Kumar1,
thanks. I know this formula. But that is no option for us. We do not want to connect any processes in our App. This is an App with expressions and Data Service only.

In this case, I hope UiPath will launch such a feature soon.

Feature request:
UiPath Apps - Round formula for expressions - Feedback / Apps - UiPath Community Forum

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