UiPath Apps Deployment Feedback

My team and I recently deployed an App to its folder in Production. We found an issue with the App, so we edited the version in Development and redeployed it; the version number incremented to 2.0.0, as desired. We then tried to import our App to our Integration environment, but we weren’t allowed to do this because it had the same name as the App already deployed there.

What is the advised way to deploy Apps to upper environments after they have previously been deployed?

From what I can tell, there are two ways this can be done, neither of which is ideal:

  1. Update the App manually in each environment and redeploy.
  2. Delete the previous version of the App, import the new version, and redeploy.

The ideal solution would be to be able to

  1. Export the updated App from Development, import the new App in the upper environment, and overwrite the old version of the App with the new version.

If anyone knows for sure that 1 and 2 above are the only ways or that there is a more efficient way to do this, closer to 3, please let me know!