UiPath Apps - date change between App and WorkFlow


in Apps I enter dates like:

but then, when the workflow is started, it is somehow changed to one date earlier (orchestrator job details view):


Can someone give me an idea why?

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Is the system timing different between the machine where app and workflow is running

Hi @Palaniyappan

we have both timezones set to UTC+1. Why does it still happens?

I have just now published the App:

Here I can see the difference from time at my machine (UTC+1) and from time in
App when published. 2 hours difference. Why?

Orchestrator settings are like this:


Thx for help.

+1 UTC Difference +1 daylight saving difference of Timezone = +2
internally dates are correctly stored on UTC base

Hmm there must be a timezone difference
That could be the only reason unlesss there is no change made in workflow


Where does App takes time settings?

Orchestrator is set to UTC+1. Why does App changes it to two hours earlier?
Why is clock in App date always set to 22:00:00?

yes, for presentation, calculations. But as mentioned dates are rebased / recalculated to UTC when persisted

Does it mean we should always add 2 hours to get expected dates?

no was not mentioned.

In case of you are dealing with differences between UTC stored values and YOUR used timezone, then the involved difference is to handle.

E.g. multi continental environment: Europe, US, ASIA
each location has a particular difference to UTC and we are happy that all entries are harmonized to UTC.

How can I add for example 5 hours to date in Apps?

I am also facing the issue where the date (selected in DatePicker) which is supplied to the automation workflow is previous date. Can someone help me with this issue.

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