UiPath Apps & Data Service Integration

To create better and more complex apps, UiPath Apps can connect and interact with entities from UiPath Data Service.

Data Service is a persistent data storage service that brings powerful no-code data modeling and storage capabilities to your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects.
Implementation in UiPath*

Step 1- We will first create an entity in the UiPath Data Service, lets say EmployeeData.

To create an entity, go to Data Service & then click on “Create New Entity”.

Provide the name of an entity & then click on Save button.

Step 2:- Once entity would be created , you will see the created entity under the UiPath Data Service.

Step 3:- We will now click on our Entity “EmployeeData” and click on Create New Field.

We will create 3 fields for this example- Employee Name, Gender and Age rest other fields are created automatically by the UiPath DataService.

Step 4:- We will now add data to the fields by clicking on “Add Data” button.

Once we click on Add data button, below window will pop up. We will add the data to our entity fields & click on save button.

Step 5:- Now , we will go to UiPath Apps & integrate the Data Service Entity “Employee Data” to it.

To achieve this , we will click on +button and then click on Entity.

Step 6:- Select the entity from the list that we have created & click on Add button.

Step 7:- Once you click on Add button, the entity will be added in UiPath Apps.

Step 8:- UiPath Data Service & UiPath apps are connected now , we will now add the data to the UiPath Data Service entity “Employee Data” through UiPath Apps.

We will create a simple App in UiPath App Studio.

This is the Employee Details App wherein we will provide the Employee info. such as Employee Name, Gender & Age & then click on submit button.

Once we will click on submit button, we will check if the data has been added in UiPath Data service entity “Employee Data” or not.

I provided below details as Input to the App, lets now see an entity.


How we can achieve it?

  1. Create 3 App variables — varEmployeeName, varGender & varAge
  2. Now we will bind these variables correspondingly.

Gender is the drop down which contains 2 values- Male & Female. Therefore , we will use the list options and pass both the values and store the result in a variable — varGender

Uploading: image.png(1)…

  1. Create on submit button, go to Events & then create a rule.

Choose Create/Update Entity Record rule from the list.

Provide the entity name in the first field i.e EmployeeData & then map the App variables to the entity fields.

This way we can create an app to link the entity record to enter the data from UiPath App to Data Service.

How we display the data that we loaded in EmployeeData entity to UiPath Apps.

Step 1:- We will use a label control and provide name as “Employee Data”.

Step 2:- Use Table control to display the data.

Step 3:-** We will now bind the table to the Data Source EmployeeData.

Step 4:- Lets run the app now.


How to sort the Data

Use Sort function to sort the information from a source based on its fields.

We sort the Data by Age in the descending order and here is the result.

How to Filter the Data

Use this function to filter a table based on its fields.

Step 1:- We will use a dropdown control and pass the list function to provide the values of the drop down.

Step 2:- We will now store the selected value in the app variable varFilterData.

Step 3:- We will use the table control to display the filtered data.

Step 4:- Use the Filter function & filter the data by Gender.

Step 5:- Lets run the app now & display the result.


How to use Lookup

Use this function to find and return the first record in a table that satisfies a formula or condition.

We will now have to remove the employee from the record, we will use lookup fucntion here.

Step1:- We will bind the value to a variable varStudentRemove.

Step 2:- We will click on submit button, then go to Events->Create Rule

Step 3:- We will configure the rule & choose the Delete Entity Record from the list.

Step 4:- We will use the Lookup function to search the employee to be deleted in the Entity.

Step 5:- Lets run the app now & display the result.

I would like to remove Prateek from the record.



I hope you enjoyed the article!

Happy Automation!

Hey @Nitya1

Thanks for sharing this.

But have a query, does the entity get displayed with the relationship details as well ?


Would you please let me know where you want to display the entity.

On the app Page !

We create entity in UiPath data service to store the data and If you want to display the data of the entity in UiPath Apps, use the table control in UiPath apps and in data source section pass the entity name.
let me know if this works for you.

Hey @Nitya1

This actually works. But my query is on the relationship and the entity details of that relation also to be displayed !



I want to download these files from data service using uipath apps.

I have chosen document field in the source field as show in the picture.

previewing shows [Object object] in that field.

Help me out to resolve this problem.