UiPath Apps-Data Service Integration - Part 01 | Validate Forms with Functions & Expressions

Hello Community!

In this kick of video of the Apps and Data Service integration Series, we first create a form
in the UiPath Apps Studio. Then we build validations using Functions, Expressions and Rules into this form to regulate inputs to the Data Service or Automations in general.

The video track covers the following topics.

  1. 00:00 - Introduction to the Series (not recommended to skip)
  2. 04:04 - Simple Form Validation with Functions
  3. 13:16 - Enhancing Form Validations with Functions & Expressions
  4. 21:08 - Validating Strings or Numbers with Functions, Expressions & Rules
  5. 32:46 - Regulating Form Submissions with Functions & Expressions

The App built in this Part 01 video can be downloaded from here:

cc: @evan.cohen