Uipath Apps & Cisco Call Manager Integration

Hi All,

Can anyone help me know whether Uipath allows integration to Cisco Call Manager through Apps. I have built front end Call Centre App for Call Centre agent and this interface should be integrated with Cisco Call Manager to pick the call from the same front end.

Appreciate if anyone have worked on similar kind of requirement and give me some inputs.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reaching out Harish. We have long term plans to add this sort of functionality (ability to plug in a 3rd party CTI/IVR solution). In the meantime, you should be able to do this using a process. I would suggest building a background process that is set to automatically start on the agent’s desktop. That process should watch for the call coming in “event” and when it happens, pull the necessary data from the backend, launch apps, etc. Let me know if you want to go into this deeper - happy to have an offline conversation.