UiPath Application Logs Not Showing In Event Viewer On Robot Machine

Why are the UiPath logs missing in the Application Event Viewer log on the Robot machine?

Issue Description:

When troubleshooting errors for Robot Execution or Studio on Windows, it is often helpful to see logs from UiPath in the Application Event Viewer on the Robot machine. However, sometimes an issue occurs when UiPath is not found as a source in the Windows Application Event Viewer logs.

Refer to the screenshot below and ensure the same key-value pair exists in the machine. If it does not exist, then it has to be created manually and this will enable sending the logs from the UiPath application to event viewer.



  1. Open the Registry Editor on the Robot machine.
    1. Press Win + R. This will open the "run" window
    2. Type "regedit" to open the registry window
  2. Browse to the path as mentioned below for a folder called UiPath.
  • Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog\Application\
  1. If the UiPath folder does not exist at this location, create a new folder under the Application folder by
    1. Right-click the Application folder
    2. Select New > Key

  1. Name the folder UiPath
  2. In the value pane for the new UiPath folder you just created, right-click in the empty white space and select New > Expandable String Value
  3. Name the value EventMessageFile
  4. Right-click on the Value name and click Modify
  5. Give the data the following value: (Validate the drive location)
  • C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\EventLogMessages.dll

  1. Restart the machine
  2. Open the Application EventViewer logs on the Robot machine and validate that UiPath logs are being written to the Application EventViewer when a process is launched from the Assistant or Studio.