UiPath app not running job


I created a UiPath app with a submit button. I created a rule to start process, when this button is clicked. But nothing is happening after clicking submit button. No job is executed. How to solve this issue? Can someone please help?

@ppr @Shubham_Varshney

Can you try to start the job once manually using jobs or trigger. I did a spelling mistake once.

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Job is running when I run manually


Can you check any job showing as pending or anything(Jobs page in Orchestrator) after clicking Submit button in the app.

@Ganta lakshman
I’ve already checked in orchestrator. There are no jobs related to my process

Please ensure that your user has the minimum required permissions to run unattended jobs from Apps.

How to check those user permissions in UiPath apps?

It’s not UiPath App permissions, but the permissions for the specific user to run jobs. Please refer to this link Orchestrator Permissions for ensuring users have necessary permissions in Orchestrator