UiPath App Data folder is not available

Hi All

In our client machine the C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Local\UiPath, this path is not available.
So how can we connect to Orchestrator.
Can anyone clarify on this ?


Its a hidden folder, enable the hidden items from the window explorer menu and check again.

Check this activity to get the AppData folder,

Thanks @sarathi125, I got the folder.
But the UiPath.Agent file not present here. Check the screenshot.



You need to use this exe to connect with the orchestrator from the above path.

Check this link for further details.

@sarathi125 As you can see the folders in your given path are not present in my screenshot. So how can i connect.


You need to install the UiRobot package alone in the client machine, but you need to have license for that.

Check this link for the installation steps