UiPath API call

I have created an app usign Django and Angular13, I would like to display the Jobs executed for particular process using UiPath Orchestratr API. I tested the API on Postman and it was working fine. But when I implemented it in my Angular app, I got 404 error.
What could I possibly doing wrong?

public get_jobs() {
let UiPath_token = 'Bearer abc'
let myheader = new HttpHeaders({ 'Authorization': UiPath_token,'$top':'3', '$filter':"Release/Name eq 'process_name'"});
return this.httpWithoutInterceptor.get<any>(`${this.UiPath, {headers:myheader}}`).subscribe(data=>{
  let job_list=JSON.parse(data);
  console.log("Jobs :", job_list);});

Thank you


I suggest to refer below thread

If this is not the issue then share a screenshot, so forum members can help

Hope this will help you


@Srini84 Hi,
Thank you. I am using Angular 12 and I have edited my question with a snippet and a screenshot.

Hi, I made a few changes and got this error now.