UiPath and Chrome addon | is it correctly installed?

Dear all, thanks in advance for your help.
I am trying to build some very simple robots. It worked so now I am moving on some robots that work using Chrome.
I installed the AddOn but is looks like “off”. You can see the image below, check on the right side please.
Is it correctly installed?


Yes .Its correctly installed .:v:
You go ahead and do web automation.

Thanks! Does the addOn needs to be turn on? Mine is turn off.

I am asking this because since this morning I am trying to create a very simple automation. It works ok until I don’t have to click on a button on a website which the robot cannot recognized and already tried several workaround.

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Nope. You don’t have to turn on/off. BTW you don’t have any option for it.
Once one add the extension just go to UiPath studio and click on setup extension and restart your UiPath .
Regarding identifying the button may i have URL else use click image option .

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I kind of love you!!! :slight_smile:
I used “use click image option” and works perfectly!!! Thanks!