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I have a use case that I need to call IVR number, and need to select some options. On the end I will IVR will give some output I need to record that voice and convert to text. Can you guys help me on that how to achieve it.

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Hello @gokulvasant

  1. Use a telephony service to call the IVR.
  2. Program IVR interaction logic.
  3. Record the IVR response.
  4. Use an ASR service (like Google Cloud Speech-to-Text) to convert audio to text.
  5. Handle and process the transcribed text as needed.

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  • Use a telephony integration tool or service to make outbound calls.Ex: Twilio, You’ll need to set up an account with the chosen telephony provider and obtain the necessary credentials (e.g., API keys, phone numbers).
  • Create a UiPath workflow that uses activities or custom code to interact with the IVR system
  • Use the telephony integration tool to record the IVR responses during the call. The recorded audio can typically be saved as a file or streamed.
  • After the IVR call, use a speech recognition service or library to convert the recorded voice to text (Ex: Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, Amazon Transcribe, or Microsoft Azure Speech Service)
  • Integrate the voice-to-text conversion process into your UiPath workflow.


You can use this UiPath marketplace component

Have a view on it

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