UiPath.Amazon.Textract.Activities not found after project upgrade to Windows from Windows Legacy

Hi all,
We have converted an existing project from legacy Windows to Windows and for some reason the package ‘UiPath.Amazon.Textract.Activities’ isnt found in the official feeds.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @amit4 ,

Check if Marketplace is added as a source in Settings .

Alternate option can be to directly download the package from Amazon Textract - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace


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Hi Anil,

Thanks for replying back. Market place is a source in Settings and I can view if UiPath project is VB, Windows Legacy project .

If UiPath project is VB Windows project, then I cant see the package (even if it is downloaded manually and moved to local source).

Hi @amit4 ,

That pointed to the correct direction. I see that after upgrade to new windows, none of the activities that are published before August 2022 are getting visible in Manage Packages. We have to wait for an update from uipath team.

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I’m also facing same issue.

I also am wondering about the same capability. If there is not an available package for windows projects, is there a way to utilize textract another way, via API or otherwise? If not, any idea when a windows textract package may be supported?