UiPath - All about Exception Handling

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#Exception Handling is a routine, configured by the developer that is activated when an exception is caught. Some of the exceptions are linked to the systems used, while others are linked to the logic of the business process.

It is very Crucial to understand the Basics of ExceptionHandling

Hereby Sharing an Playliston Exception Handling covering -

⦿ Error vs Exceptions in UiPath
⦿ Why Exception Handling in Important
⦿ System Exceptions vs Business Rule Exception in UiPath
⦿ Examples of Business Rule Exception
⦿ Activities Available for Exception Handling in UiPath
⦿ Usage of the Try Catch Activity
⦿ What do we put in the Try Block
⦿ Using the Catch Block
⦿ How to always select the Correct Exception in Catch Block
⦿ Finally Block
⦿ What do we put in the Finally Block
⦿ Use of Throw Activity
⦿ Handling Multiple Exception Block with Throw
⦿ Rethrow Activity
⦿ Understanding Parent Child Concept in Rethrow
Explanation of Rethrow Activity
⦿ Adding Exception Handling to the Parent Workflow

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