UiPath Advanced Training assignment 2 Clean up Sequence

uipath advanced training assignment 2 clean up sequence. Not sure what the path is susposed to be for the delete and create activities in the sequence. It says: “set the Path field to the value
in the Config file. This way, you can always have a new empty Data\Temp
directory when the robot runs.” I dont have this information in my config file. I dont understand? Also if you have to add something to your config file where do you add it in settings or something?

I am also at the same point, and I suppose that the path should be Data/Temp because at the next page of Walkthrough ist seems that is the same path which is describe.
Am I right?

To reply this question for everyone searching in the future:

The Assignment 2 walkthrough is missing some information.
You need to create an Item in your Confiq Settings Sheet like “ReportsDownloadsPath” with the value of Data\Temp.
This value from the config file will then be your path in both the delete and create directory activity.

It will then first delete the Temp Folder in your project path, then create a new one named “Temp” so you will have a cleaned up environment.