Uipath advanced training assignment 2 arguements

I have asked this question so many times but in different stages of project but for so reason it doesnt seem to work for me. Passing arguements between workflows. So basically using a path I have created to locate a file in one workflow so created an out arguement as I want to pass the value to another worflow. Then I created a global variable outside that workflow to store the argument path. Then I imported the argument for the new workflow, created an in arguement and set the default value to the global variable created. But for some reason it says the value is null. Not sure what I have done wrong. Is this the correct way to pass arugements.

Hi @bobby - The declaration of In and Out arguments for all your variables should be the same across wherever you use that Argument. Means, In Invoke Workflow under the Arguments and also in the Actual Flow where that Argument declared.

Kindly check the In/Out declared correct in all the places.


not sure what you mean. So in the main workflow its out to use it in other workflows. The arguement is then saved to a variable outside the workflow so that it can used in another workflow. This is then carried out through invoking the second work import arguements and setting the value of the arguement to the previously saved argument as an in arguement because I am using inside the new workflow. Is this wrong? I am sorry about the bad english not my first language.

@bobby - I have an out_argument in workflow_main and in_argument in workflow1 then that in_argument in workflow1 is out_argument for workflow2. Then in_argument in workflow1 should be In/Out and out_argument in workflow_main should be Out and in_argument in workflow2 should be In. This needs to the same across all your workflows.

Hope this helps.