Uipath advanced training assessment 1

I have completed the uipath advanced assessment 1 and its working as expected .But i did not follow workflow naming conventions and all the workflows are in the same directory .
my workflow is working fine and also i didnot alter test data too .
Still i am getting 0 out of 100 .
Could you please suggest , if there is any perticular naming conventions and directory methods that we have to follow or is it fine if the robot is working alright ?

and also let me know if i have to attach video recording too?

Hi @Abhishek_aithal

For the assignment, as you may be already aware, it is a must to follow the REFramework. apart from that, you have to have annotations included in workflow files and activities to describe what it does.

Regarding the naming conventions, for arguments we basically use “in” or “out” in front to identify whether its a input or an output argument. You should have activity renaming too. Additionally, some of the variables that we should create such as asset names, config file configuration names are specified in the walk through document. I suggest you to go through the walk through to make sure you have covered everything it is expecting. And also cross check what you have done with the walk through document to make sure you have done what it expects.

Also, does the evaluation of yours provide any comments to improve?

Hope it helps!!