UiPath Advanced RPA Developer (UIARD) Certification


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1 - Can I pass the certificate online like before ?
It’s a new kind of testing exam where you need to pay to Pearson which is third party vendor and book your slot

2 - Is the test contains the same structure like before ( questions test + practical test ) ?
No, The test is of questions test not pratical test, Question test include MCQ, Arranging the order, Matching etc.,

3 - If i fail do I have the chance of free retry like before?
No, For one Fee you can attempt only one time, For retry you need to pay again

4 - From someone experienced, how much time I need to study (I’m already an RPA developer) ?
It’s really depends how strong you are in Basics and Scenario based concepts, also with Orchestrator and some Advanced Functions

5 - Thank you for suggesting me some ressources that can helps me to get prepared faster.
You can take the practice Exam below link for your reference

For Exam Description

For yourself to brush your skills

6 - Is the certificate has an expire date like before ?
No, It’s never expire once you passed your exam atleast as of now