UiPath Advanced Level Assignment 2: Download filename automatically change

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Anyone has this challenge whereby after assigning the ReportFilePath and then typing it into the Filename under Download, it still saves as the default filename given by the acme server? I have checked using message log and it shows the one that i want e.g. report-taxid-year-january. However, when it is simulated onto the Save As UI, it types out, but still download as report-taxid-year-1. This leads to the system unable to locate the file report-taxid-year-january because it is saved as report-taxid-year-1. Is this issue related to the simulation of activity ‘Type Into’?

Desired Outcome: Report-[TAXID]-Year-January
Outcome: Report-[TAXID]-Year-1

Are you typing the month name in the TypeInto Activity?
In the TypeInto Activity, concatenate Report-TAXID-Year-MONTHNAME
MONTHNAME has to be read from the array of months.

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Hi Karthik! Thanks for replying. Yes I have. I have placed Log messages to make sure the names are correct.
Here is the screenshot along with the output pane.

I have disabled SimulateType and it seems to work…


Remove the activity TypeInto ToolbarWindow32… which is not required.

And in the TypeInto Activity File Name → give “inReportsDownloadPath”

Please check.

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Good to know.

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Yes the reason why I have this extra activity is to try out different methods besides just applying inReportsDownloadPath (which contains path.combine…). Back then I was suspecting its my coding error. But it seems that Simulate Type has to be unchecked instead of checked (mentioned in the walkthrough) in order for it to be downloaded to its name mentioned.

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