UiPath Advanced Level 3 training - Unable to download sample Excel

I am currently trying to go through Uipath advanced certification (level 3) training modules. The 1. UiDemo Outline pdf has link to sample transaction excel file for assignment. However, I am unable to find download or save option for this document.
Anybody has similar issues.
I have tried to open it in Chrome, MS Edge, etc. No luck.

Any help would a great help.



Attaching link to file

Its just a demo, you can make a mock excel file on your own. The assignments is the main focus of that training. Move ahead with that :slight_smile:

Hi @chetanRPA Please find the attached fileTransactions.xlsx (10.6 KB)

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Thanks SHasan

Anybody able to get a valid selector for the “save as” in Edge? IE is no problem, but I need it whit Edge.