Uipath advanced certification assignment 2 evaluation criteria


I have completed all the tasks asked in the assignment. i have done rigorous testing as well. my dispatcher is pushing work items in my queue, and my Processor is completing the process pretty good. Yearly report is also getting generated in the correct format. Comments are appropriately updated. Still the score shows 44/100 failed. I am not sure what is the passing criteria.
Please advise.


  1. Are you hard coded any values in the process ?
  2. Record video of your process running and upload it along with zip file.
  1. no hardcoding done…
  2. do i record both dispatcher and processor or only processor?

Hi @junaid_hossain

yes… record both dispatcher and performer so we can have a look

Yes record both.

i recorded both the bots… this time i got evaluated to 5/100… earlier it was 44 now it came down to 5.
i am trying to share my solution here but unable to do so… Please advise


Please send me personally and will check it.

Please send me your email id. i am unable to upload here as it is not allowing upload for new users.

UiPath_AdvancedCert_Assgn2.zip (3.8 MB)

hello @junaid_hossain
problem is name of the file you downloaded monthly and yearly both
Name should be like for Year


for monthly
item should be “February”
for example “Report-DE767565-2018-February”

you used month like {“1”, “2”}

Hope its will help you. mark as a solution that help for also

Happy Automation

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@sandeep13 Hi, i am able to download all reports month wise, but while merging tables i am facing issues.
Issue is, the headers in excel/csv are different compare to other month reports, could u plz help m to solve this?

you can see 2 month reports, which have different column names, as they have shuffled records.
Report-DE987564-8.xls (256 Bytes)
Report-DE987564-11.xls (118 Bytes)

hi @manju1992
I saw the report. but it’s not possible the header are different from other.
one more think ,why report file is .xls not .csv??

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i changed the required string as you instructed, they still failed me again and this time i ended up getting even lessor score.UiPath_AdvancedCert_Assgn2 (2).zip (3.8 MB)

hello @junaid_hossain

you still used month like this…

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That is only for dropdown selection… In the reports file i have actually appending the respective months name…

let me check this once

no progress… even after changing this they are still failing me…
I think there is something else we are missing here… UiPath_AdvancedCert_Assgn2 (3).zip (3.7 MB)

have you checked dispatcher add queue item in orchestrator??


this is same processer i uploaded and its work for me

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