Uipath Advanced Assignment Project 只需上传文件就可以么,还是需要录屏并且上传文件?

完成Assignment Project , 上传文件后需要等多长时间才会有结果? 还需要录屏么?
After upload the assignment, how long we have the assessment result? It always show is evaluating? Should I make record the screen at the same time? Thank you.

There is no fixed timelines to evaluate the assignments.
Sometimes it delays because of weekends or some other issues,
We need to just wait until the evaluation is done.

All the best for your assignments.

Karthik Byggari

Thank you. Does assessment need 30 min or 1 hour? If I closed the IE brower , the assessment will fail or continue to assess?

It can take upto days.
You can close IE. No issues. You no need to be online.

Karthik Byggari