UIPath advanced assignment evaluation process

How is the evaluation of the assignments in the UiPath advanced training handled? Which system is the robot running on, from which orchestrator it is getting the asset values? Looks like the only identifying information we submit is the email address. So based on that email address, UiPath academy can find out which machine it is and run on that machine?

Hi @ui_xpath

  • When registering on http://www.acme-test.com, make sure you use the SAME email address you used to create the Academy account!

The evaluation of the assignments in the UiPath Academy 2.0 is an automatic process, checking the results of the robot running on your system. The assignment should be submitted after all items are completed by the robot, while NOT resetting the test data until getting the grade. The grade consists on the number of correct items divided by the total number of items. Grading can take a few minutes.
The criteria for a correct processed item is based on the instructions in the provided PDD and is the following:

– Status Completed – Filename that was uploaded = “Yearly-Report-2017-[TaxID].xlsx” (Exact filename)

– Yearly report contains all available monthly report information (merged file)

– comment contains the correct Upload ID

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I understand that, I have no problem running my robot. I just do not know how once code is uploaded, UiPath can trigger my robot running on my computer based on a single Acme email address. How UiPath does it on its side? Is there any security concern?