Uipath advanced assignment 1

hi below is the link for the completion of assignment in uipath advanced 1

i do not know what is wrong in this, all the WI5 are processed as completed.

seems like there are spaces where you hash it

Hi @karges

Remove the spaces you have in your formula. The formula should be as:

sure i will try now itself.

in_client_id.Trim() +"-"+ in_client_name.Trim() + “-”+ in_client_country.Trim()

above formula will do right ?

deleted the previous video and this is the new one

succeeded this time , after using trim. but got only 75% duno why !! i cleared but what could b the reason for hte seventy five percent ?

Looks good… for the remaining 5% means? You mean the record is not getting processed? From the video, i couldnt locate a problem… can you tell me what exactly is the problem with the remaining 5?

its “seventy five” !! remainign is “25%”. but i passed assignment 1. ddi u get through assignment 2 also ?

hmm… may be some records did not get processed. As I remember, the evaluation is done based on number of records got marked as Completed with a valid hash code. They may be checking the solution as well. You can check the work item list in the ACME system manually to see whether all of them did get updated or not with the completed status.

Yeah… I got through both assignments

What is shown in your evaluation? (Completed Items: ?? Correct Items: ??UiPath_complete )

i posted a link actually. you tube link