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Hai this is error I am having now.
I read the data in excel and excel values can put one by one in empty box there are 14 data’s in excel. But the only one values will be only put in that box others are not coming automatically. And I am got this error set text windows but one values will be showing correctly but the other values will be not updated.

Please help me to complete this error.

Hy @siva_sankar,

It looks like you are facing and selector problem. Open the selector window and click on ‘repair’ so UiPath can try to figure it the selector on its own. If this does not work try the ‘Open Ui Explorer’, it will show you all components of the selected item.

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Thank you it’s worked fine now I used repair it’s fine working for me.

Thank you very much

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Very glad I could help you @siva_sankar

Happy Automation!!

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