Uipath Advance Training Assignment 1: Calculate Client Security Hash

Hi Everyone,

I’m facing below error while executing Uipath Assignment 1: Calculate Client Security Hash:

your first time logging in, please make sure to go to User Options -> Reset Test Data-our first time logging in, please make sure to go to User Options -> Reset Test Data- first time logging in, please make sure to go to User Options -> Reset Test Data

Kindly help to resolve.

What is the error @Shah?

Hi @HareeshMR ,

I’m unable to get the output and the process execution is getting ended. Below is the SS.

On acme site ,do you reset test data manually for first time?


Hi @Bhagyashri_Wani ,

I haven’t reset it anytime. What should I do?

That you have to do manually @Shah, even with the code, you can do ofcourse. But do it manually . No issues :slight_smile:

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Hi @HareeshMR , Will it have any impact in the evaluation? As per the instructions, we should not reset the data until the evaluation is done…

During testing, you can reset it any time and any number of times

once you are about to submit the assignment , dont reset the last data @Shah

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Ok @HareeshMR , I will reset the data and check the output.

first go on acme site,login the user,after navigating to next page,there is option user option then click on reset test data ,then check it by clicking on vendor,search for vendor ,display all vendor .If the data is showing then it will successful .Then ,try to run your programme.Because,for 1st time we have to reset it.

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Hi @Bhagyashri_Wani , I did that however the output is not yet successful. Now throwing below info::

Upto which step your output is running?

Hi @Bhagyashri_Wani ,

Below is the debug output. Could you please have a look at it and help me.

can you please share your process?

Hi @Bhagyashri_Wani,

Please find the attached process file and assist me.

Process.xaml (4.4 KB)

sorry.I’m unable to get it properly.

Should I resend it? @Bhagyashri_Wani

Hi Everyone,

Please help to resolve below error…

Hi!. First, sorry for my english.

I had the same problem. I realized that the first data that was entered on the SHA page was the text that you mention, this apparently comes from the main menu of the ACME page and I think Uipath takes it as data because you cannot focus the screen on the required moment. My solution was to insert a series of “activate” activities between workflows that begin navigation to the details of each workitem, extract their information and insert it into the SHA page.

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Hey @CristobalPuga!
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Thanks so much for the above suggestion. I’m already done with that assignment.

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