UiPath Activity to save a New Excel file popping up

Hi i am beginner to UiPath. I am using sequence to automate purchase order creation.completed all the process & at the end , purchase order is generated and popping up a new excel workbook with PO details file name “Book1”.
Which activity i can use to select the pop up & save this new file in to a specific folder. I tried with “Save as” but it looks it is for already existing excel file. Please guide.

@murugeswaranp can you share your workflow

I have not selected any activity for saving this excel file. My workflow stops with “Click” activity for mouse click on export to excel button. with this new excel with PO details is popping up. now not sure which activity to use for saving this new file to a folder.

You can use write range for new excel file

pls give the flow screen shot. because i understood write range is to write a content in new excel. my case is excel is generated with all the details automatically. i need to just click - “save” that.

Can you attach your xaml file so i can help you out from this

Hi i was able to correct that. But now facing issue with “filter data table” & Filter wizard. Attached my excel file. trying to enter student details in a google form. trying to filter the students studying in class “Third”. flow is working correct. but not removing students with class “Second”

My CSV file looks like
Col1 Name of the Student
col2 Father Name
Col3 Class ( here i want to apply the filter for students only with “third”
Col4 Mobile Number

Pls help

Google excel if.xaml (18.9 KB)

Google excel if.xaml (18.9 KB)

Good day murugeswaranp

I have the very same issue as yours, how did you resolve it.
I also don’t know which activity to select to save the pop up excel file.

Please help.

Can you please share the xaml file or Workflow to go through

Is a normal xlsx file with product codes that is popping up after being generated by the robot, so i want to know how to save such pop ups in a directory folder using uipath activities.

unfortunately as a new user i am unable to upload a file.

please assist.

Herewith I attached the xaml file to save popup Excel file from Robot. Please go through and let me know if it is not working for your case. (I made the selectors with Wildcard character to work with any excel File).
SaveExcel.xaml (10.0 KB)

Precondition: Excel file is already opened and popup on screen and using Office 2016 Excel

I hard coded the saving file as ABC.xlsx. in that case you can use dynamic variable with Suitable path (Type Into Activity) for your case.

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